Finding talented players through targeted scouting and assessing their development potential has become an integral part of modern football.
One of TEAM ELITE PRO’s core tasks is to increase the selection and promotion of talent in a targeted manner.
This requires well-trained football scouts who utilise BIG DATA and know how to make the right decisions from the ever-increasing data sets on matches, players and match situations.

TEAM ELITE PRO scouts are able to do just that and make teams and coaches even better through analyses and the resulting recommendations for action, from amateur to professional football.

TEAM ELITE PRO makes scouts available to clubs and associations as well as agencies and sports equipment suppliers in order to gain a comprehensive picture of the prospects of talented players and professional players.

The trained TEAM ELITE PRO scouts analyse individual players, specific team components and entire teams according to physical, mental, situational, tactical and perspective criteria.
In this way, we are already making a decisive contribution to squad planning, training management and tactical orientation in almost all major clubs.

TEAM ELITE PRO-Scouting is made up of former or active competitive athletes. Thanks to their own experience, they already have the ideal prerequisites for scouting talents and athletes later on.

We are therefore a competent partner for both professional and amateur sports associations and clubs.